Reggae Anyone?

Nothing says Summer like the swell sounds of Reggae with Jahstyx. Surf on over for a quick afternoon set from 2-5pm on Saturday 8/3. Mention this post and get $1 off any cocktail.


You know how they use red, orange, and yellow to indicate heat on the weather map? Well today it’s maroon and brown! Intense…. But I have a plan for relief. With respect to the heat AND in celebration of today being the anniversary of the lunar landing; mention this post and get $5 off a Rocket Fuel! Take it way easy this weekend folks and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Heat Wave!

Man oh Man is it HOT! And this is just the start of it. Heat supposed to build through the week and into the weekend. Kevin and his band are playing at 2pm on Saturday July 20th. Stop in to cool off with our signature ice cold beers, one-of-a-kind Rum Punch or any of the frozen classics. Get some!