Man, I don’t remember a stretch of waves like this in a while. It seems like there’s been waves for weeks. And when do we ever get multiple days of off shore wind when it’s warm out? The beach actually grew during the storm somehow…..that’s a great thing. Just a reminder that we’re open daily through Halloween. Mention the blog and scoop up a remaining 2017 ladies tank top for $5 off……
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First Timers?

It’s always such a cool thing when someone comes into the Inn and says “you know, I’ve passed this place a thousand times and this is my first time here!”…..
We’ve seen a lot of new faces this year. Have we seen yours? We are open daily through Halloween. Maybe make this time, your first time.
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Hop Blonde?

As fall approaches we now have Montauk’s Autumn special “Hop Blonde” in stock.
Nice waves lately, warm up with a cold beer.
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Remember, it’s after Labor Day so that means Free Parking and Docking for ALL……